Is it time to expand your skills in Microsoft Teams?

If you answer yes, to any of these questions then it's time to transform your use of Microsoft Teams with this online training course

  • Are you lacking confidence and unsure of what Microsoft Teams can do?

  • Do you wonder how you can save hours every week, by using Microsoft Teams in a better way?

  • Have an important project coming up and need a secure project area to collaborate in?

  • Do you want real-time collaboration to drive speed and cut-through work deadlines?

It's time to transform the way you work in Microsoft Teams

  • Have amazing meetings!

    Join your next Microsoft Teams meeting and showcase your new skills in using the latest features, including Voice to Text Transcriptions, PowerPoint Live, Whiteboards, Break-out rooms and much more!

  • Succeed on your next project!

    Setup an amazing Microsoft Teams collaboration space, allowing file sharing, chat, co-authoring, version control and much more, to help successfully deliver your next project!

  • Save time and focus on the important things!

    Save hours every week by using Microsoft Teams to it's full advantage, so you can focus on the things you want to do the most and share your learnings with others

Why select our incredible online course

  • Course content created and delivered by a Microsoft 365 Certified Expert

  • 70+ Training Videos which talk you through how to do things in Microsoft Teams easily

  • Downloadable Cheat Sheets to help you do things easily in Microsoft Teams

  • Regular updates to the course content to explain the latest features in Microsoft Teams

Meet Scott, your new Teams Coach!

Founder of Inspire Cloud

Scott Brant

Hey, I'm Scott! Great to meet you, and I head up Inspire Cloud which is a Microsoft Partner Consultancy which has helped some amazing brands around the world, to get more from Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint and transformed the way they work. You can be a part of this change too. I want to help you get more from Microsoft products and know that I have saved you a few hours a week, to give you time to focus on the things important to you.

Learn more about this course!

You will get immediate access to...

  1. 1
    • An introduction to our course

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • What is Microsoft Teams?

    • Accessing Microsoft Teams on Windows

    • Understanding Microsoft Teams Settings including Video & Audio Setup

    • Learn the layout and features of Microsoft Teams

    • Using Microsoft Teams Search

    • Understanding Microsoft Teams Statuses (Presence)

    • Test your learning

  3. 3
    • Let's Chat on Microsoft Teams!

    • Sending & Receiving Microsoft Teams Messages

    • Sending Group Messages in Microsoft Teams

    • Sending & Receiving Files & Attachments

    • More Advanced Features in Microsoft Teams Chat

    • Test your learning

  4. 4
    • Let's Call on Microsoft Teams!

    • How to start and receive calls using Microsoft Teams

    • Call Settings in Microsoft Teams

    • How to Video Call in Microsoft Teams

    • Hiding your Video Feed in Microsoft Teams to prevent meeting fatigue

    • Sharing Content (Screens, PowerPoints & Apps) in Microsoft Teams Calls

    • Managing and Creating Contacts in Microsoft Teams (Speed Dialling, Contacts and Contact Groups)

    • Test your learning

  5. 5
    • Let's Meet on Teams!

    • Changing Important Meeting Settings in Microsoft Teams

    • Scheduling Meetings via Microsoft Teams in Outlook & Teams

    • Setup a Meeting via ‘Meet Now’ in Microsoft Teams

    • Recording your Microsoft Teams meetings

    • How to share your Teams meeting recordings with others (Internally and Externally)

    • Enabling Captions & Transcriptions in Teams Meetings

    • Using Presenter Mode in Microsoft Teams Meetings

    • Using the Whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

    • Using Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams Meetings

    • Using Audio Conferencing (Dial-In) in Microsoft Teams Meetings

    • Test your learning

  6. 6
    • Let's Discuss Teams Workspaces!

    • Let's take a closer look at a Microsoft Teams Workspace

  7. 7
    • How to create, name and secure a Teams Workspace

    • Adding and Removing Microsoft Team Owners and Members

    • Adding & Removing Channels in a Microsoft Teams Workspace

    • Creating & Managing Microsoft Teams Tabs

    • Understanding Microsoft Teams Workspace Settings for Governance (Member & Guest Permissions)

    • Adding External Users (Guests) in Microsoft Teams Workspaces

    • Let's add a Guest (External User) in a Microsoft Teams Workspace (Sign-In, Chat and File Sharing)

    • Test your learning

  8. 8
    • Creating and Uploading Files and Folders in Microsoft Teams Workspaces

    • Opening Files & Folders in SharePoint Online through Microsoft Teams

    • Managing Document Versions and Restoring Deleted Files

    • Sharing Files in Microsoft Teams Workspaces with Internal and External Parties

    • Share E-mails & Attachments from Outlook to Microsoft Teams Workspaces & Vice-Versa

    • Opening Files in Teams, Browser or Office Apps by Default

  9. 9
    • Task Management in Microsoft Teams

    • Managing Personal Tasks with Microsoft To Do

    • Managing Team Tasks with Microsoft Planner

  10. 10
    • Introducing our 1 Minute Microsoft Teams Training

    • How to enable Transcriptions in Microsoft Teams Meetings

    • Hide your Video in Microsoft Teams Meetings

    • Access Mindfulness Training through Microsoft Teams for FREE

    • Easily save a Microsoft Teams Chat Message

    • Turn off Microsoft Teams Chat Read Receipts

    • How to Pin Microsoft Teams Chat Messages in Seconds

    • Use Microsoft AI to design your documents in Microsoft 365

    • How to Mute & Hide Microsoft Teams Meeting Threads

    • Tracking Changes in Microsoft Lists

    • Enabling Meeting Transcriptions in Microsoft Teams

    • Restoring Data in Microsoft Lists

    • Hide your Team Workspaces in Seconds

    • Restore Changes in Microsoft Word using Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

    • Set your Status for a week in Teams!

    • Using Giphy and Meme's in Microsoft Teams Messaging

    • Using Whiteboards in Microsoft Teams to Collaborate

    • Using Meeting Options in Teams Meetings

    • Show and Hide Microsoft Teams Workspaces in Seconds!

    • How to record your next Microsoft Teams Meeting in Seconds!

    • Automatically create a Task from a Teams Message in Microsoft ToDo

    • Automatically create a Task from a Teams Message in Microsoft Planner

    • Get Notified when your colleague comes online in Microsoft Teams

  11. 11
    • Setup a Microsoft Teams Group Chat

    • Create a new Microsoft Team Workspace

    • Change your Device Setup in Microsoft Teams

    • Change Meeting Settings in Microsoft Teams

  12. 12
    • Congratulations and What's Next?

    • Never stop learning...

    • Before you go...

Let's Go!

70 + Training Videos worth £499
Teams Cheat Sheets worth £99

Total Value of £600!

Our BRAND NEW 2022 course is just £99.99!

Super Training!


Really pleased with the training provided by Inspire Cloud - well pitched for the users in our organisation, relevant and easy to follow. Staff found it really helpful and benefitted from the interactivity . Scott is a great trainer and I'm sure we will be doing more with them in the future.

Microsoft Teams Transformation!


I use Microsoft Teams every day but I had no idea of some of the features that were available that I covered within this training course. It has seriously transformed the way I work!

Confidence Builder!

Joe N.

I knew that Microsoft Teams could do a lot more than I was using it for, but I didn't have the confidence in Microsoft Teams to explore it all - but this course has given me the confidence to transform my use of Microsoft Teams.